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Testimonials of our satisfied customers about Island Heritage Millworks.

Island Heritage Millwork and New Westminster's Irving House restoration...
I am writing to express appreciation for the time and personal commitment you gave the city. Irving House was more than just another construction project due to the historic importance of the building... we enjoyed working with someone who showed a real personal interest.
I also appreciated working with somewhere able to help us find cost effective solutions. Your assistance was invaluable... Your enthusiasm and friendly attitude was greatly appreciated.
Ted Mason, MAIBC Building
Management Coordinator

Corporation of the City
of New Westminster

Island Heritage Millworks is service oriented, run by approachable professionals motivated by loyalty to clients and commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Andrew Arthur
Antileon Enterprises

impressed with the knowledge of work and the ability to custom fabricate... proven to be reliable... a pleasure to work with...
David Norman, Architect...